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Welcome To Palm Harbor Academy!

Our K-3 students participate in looping.
This means your child has the same teacher K-3.
We provide after school care.
We have small class sizes.
Children acquire core values such as personal excellence, self respect, self-esteem and the value of giving back to their community.

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Palm Harbor Academy is a tuition free K-6th grade quality education charter school in Flagler County. Palm Harbor believes that every student has the right and responsibility to achieve his/her own educational best. In order to succeed, students need a safe and positive environment to learn.

The faculty and staff at Palm Harbor are a group of hand-selected, highly qualified professionals. We are committed to providing your child with the highest quality instruction possible. Parental involvement and support is critical to the success of Palm Harbor.

We thank you for the opportunity to educate your child in a unique, exceptional, educational environment at our residences etudiantes filled with creative learning experiences in math, science and the performing arts with small class sizes, enabling individualized instruction for each child .

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Palm Harbor Academy Inc. (Palm Harbor) is a charter school for students in grades K-6 located at 95 Old Kings Road N., Palm Coast, Florida 32137. Its mission is to create an environment in which students can become exceptional learners committed and equipped to improve their community. Palm Harbor is dedicated to:

Vision Statement

Palm Harbor is committed to providing a stimulating learning environment in which a team of highly trained/qualified staff provide exemplary teaching in well-resourced classrooms to address the special needs of our students in partnership with parents, institutions of higher education, and community leaders. Palm Harbor strives to create a dynamic educational environment that focuses on quality educational experiences, fosters educational excellence; promotes the use of innovative curriculum, accommodates the demands of a diverse student population, integrates technological resources and cultivates personal, intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth and responsibility.